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Yes... We are approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP).

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If you coach entrepreneurs and business owners, our Business Coach Training gives you practical, powerful methods and tools to help your clients profit

The Center for Executive Coaching gives you a unique advantage if you want to coach the owners and leadership teams of growing businesses: Unlike other business coach training programs, you get our full suite of leadership coaching tools in addition to our powerful business coaching methodology and tools. That way, you can keep clients longer, because they won’t outgrow your ability to help them.

Many business coaches, consultants, and advisers – even those previously trained through franchises and other business coach training programs – come to us to deepen their toolkits. We also have among our members: financial planners, accountants, bankers, retired entrepreneurs, marketing experts, and professionals who serve business owners and want to add to their solution sets. Our members come from 27 countries.

When you join our business coach training program, you receive the entire Center for Executive Coaching suite of methods, tools, and world-class training. This includes our training manuals, video training demonstrations, 16 toolkits for specific situations leaders face, weekly teleclasses, and ongoing support.

In addition, you receive:

  • Use of our proprietary business coaching C.A.S.T.L.E. Model for Business Growth. The model covers coaching business owners to develop a robust business model; use the model to improve revenues, profits and cash flow; reframe limiting perceptions that might be holding back the growth and success of the business; set strategic direction; develop marketing strategy; executive marketing and operating tactics in a low-risk way to improve the numbers; and set the business up to run without being dependent on the owner.
  • The Business Coach Training Manual. This manual walks you through what you need to do to work with clients.
  • Online access to our business coaching recorded lectures and practice sessions. We have been doing this for years, and you have access to a huge library of past calls.
  • Live telecalls so that you can learn the materials and practice at your pace.
  • Bonus: The Slingshot Sales Training & Coaching Program. Sales training and coaching remains in huge demand, and our proprietary four-part Slingshot model has gotten rave reviews from our members and their clients. Sales training can be a lucrative addition to any business coaching practice, whether you want to work with sales executives, managers, or front-line salespeople.
  • Certification to use our materials and a 8.5” X 11” Certificate suitable for framing.
  • Additional toolkits specific to business coaching, including:
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    • Marketing collateral generator. This toolkit walks you through the questions to ask to help clients develop marketing collateral that works.
    • Marketing message tool. This toolkit shows you how to help clients develop compelling marketing messages.
    • Business model toolkits. Help clients quantify their business model – in a way that is more practical and forward looking than what an accountant or bookkeeper could ever provide.
    • Strategic planning process. This process alone generates engagements worth $20,000 and up.
    • Succession planning process. Millions of baby boomer business owners want to sell their business to retire, but won’t be successful without help from a business coach and advisor.
    • Service Excellence. This toolkit gives you a step-by-step process to help clients improve customer loyalty with outstanding service.
    • The suite of leadership toolkits, including: engaging and mobilizing employees, building teams, creating a high-performance culture, communicating with impact, and more.

PLEASE REMEMBER: This program also includes everything that you get with our Center for Executive Coaching Certified Executive Coach Program.

The cost of the program is $7,500 and all hours count towards ICF training hours if you wish to get a designation with the International Coach Federation. You can pay upfront to save $150, or pay in 10 convenient monthly installments of $750.

A single client can easily pay back your investment, as can the use of these tools to keep even a single current client longer. Plus, the depth and breadth of these tools will help you set yourself apart in the market.

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Should I Register for Business Coach or Executive Coach Training?

Many of our prospective members wonder whether our business coach or executive coach training program is right for them. If you want to coach the owners of small and mid-sized, growing companies – and you specifically want to help them take a clinical look at their business to improve profitability and valuation while reducing the dependence of the business on the owner – then our business coaching program is probably best for you. You still get our executive coach content and toolkits with the business coach certification program.

If you are more interested in helping leaders and their teams improve their leadership capabilities, engage teams, and build high-performance cultures, then our executive coach certification might be for you. Plus, you can always start with our executive coach training program and then upgrade to get the business coach curriculum, at no penalty to you.

Call Founder & Director Andrew Neitlich at 941-539-9623 for any additional guidance.