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Exit and Succession Planning CEO Roundtable

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Millions of business owners are hoping to sell their business, exit, or transition in order to tap into their wealth and enjoy retirement. Unfortunately, most of them will not be successful. Research reveals that 4 out of 5 business owners who try to sell their businesses do not find a buyer.

Without your help, business owners face some serious problems:

  • Their wealth is trapped in a business and they are discovering that it will not be easy to turn years of time and effort into cash for retirement;
  • They are frustrated because they spend too much time chained to a business that is dependent on them; and
  • Ultimately, they are unable to enjoy the retirement they dreamed of and expected to have.

The Baby Boomer Business Transition Bubble
and the Opportunity For You

We know that 10,000 baby boomers retire everyday in the USA alone, let alone worldwide. Many of these baby boomers own businesses, and need to sell or transition to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

What happens when these same baby boomers flood the market by putting their businesses up for sale?

The answer is that there will be a glut. This is an unhappy predicament for business owners, because even before the baby boomer bubble, 4 out of 5 businesses for sale did not sell.

Only businesses that are set up to run independently of the owner — with top talent, a strong operating platform, financial stability, and a strategic edge — will sell.

This presents a great opportunity for savvy coaches, consultants, and business advisors – because smart business owners recognize that they need support and help to get their businesses ready.

The Center for Executive Coaching’s Exit and Succession Planning CEO Roundtable gives you a turnkey program to offer to your clients and attract new clients. It is easy to learn the content and start delivering the program now – at an outstanding return for you.

You can help these owners – in a way that has tremendous impact, doesn’t take a lot of your time, and brings revenue and new clients into your practice.

The business model is strong and potentially very lucrative for you.

The Center for Executive Coaching’s Exit and Succession Planning CEO Roundtable gives you a great business model, for the following reasons:

  • One: Ongoing enrollment means that you keep momentum strong. This is not a class that has a fixed start and end time. Clients join at anytime and you keep repeating the curriculum. That way, you continue to generate income without worrying about filling a new class in a set time period.
  • Two: Enjoy leverage on your time with a group format. You create an income stream that keeps coming, in exchange for only a few hours of your time each month.
  • Three: Get a captive audience for referrals and ongoing work. Participants are CEOs who are likely to need other services that you provide, from strategic planning to executive coaching, facilitation, and training. Some will even hire you to consult and coach them individually on the materials in your program, and that can result in a five-figure engagement.
  • Four: You position yourself at the center of a support network for business owners. Other professionals who want to help with succession and exit planning (e.g., estate planners, financial planners, business brokers, and tax planners) will flock to you to gain access to your audience. You have the opportunity to earn referral fees.
  • Five: There is a sizeable potential return on investment per participant. Pricing for programs like this range from $3,500 up to $13,000 per participant, depending on your market and the format you offer. This is before other work that you might gain.

The format fits a business owner’s busy schedule and expectation to be engaged and challenged.

We have structured the program to fit a busy CEO’s time constraints and expectations.

  • Meetings are only two hours each, every other week. We have found that CEOs are willing to make for two hours every couple of weeks to discuss the urgent topic of exit and succession planning. Each meeting is only two hours. While we suggest that meetings take place every two weeks, you are free to test other meeting frequencies, such as every three weeks or every month.
  • The ongoing, open-enrollment format allows participants to start anytime and attend when they can. Business owners need a flexible approach. That’s why each meeting stands on its own and focuses on a single topic about exit and succession planning. That way, a participant can start at any time. Also, if a participant must miss a meeting, he can come to the next one and not feel like he missed anything. He can simply make up any missed meetings when the cycle repeats again.
  • The emphasis is on practical solutions and value. Each meeting is designed to be practical and concentrated on bringing value to members. The focus is on practical solutions and best practices in exit and succession planning.
  • The highly interactive format keeps CEOs challenged and engaged. CEOs need to be engaged and challenged. They also want to reach their own conclusions. In addition to in-depth content and best practices, each meeting includes peer support, interactive discussions, and group coaching so that members are engaged throughout the meetings.
  • The program format is flexible for the unique needs of your clients. We recognize that you know your market best. Therefore, we let you keep the ability to test different formats and choose what works best for you and your clients. You can even offer this program virtually instead of in-person.

The content is practical and designed to get results.

The CEO Roundtable is laser-focused on results.

  • Every session focuses on one crucial topic. That way, participants get maximum depth and results on a topic specific to exit and succession planning success.
  • Accountability and results are baked in. Each session ends with a clear accountability plan. Participants are also expected to share their results and challenges, and move forward with their plans. Also, you follow up with participants to confirm progress.
  • The unique focus compared to more general CEO Roundtables drives participants forward to a more valuable business. The Exit and Succession Planning CEO Roundtable is unique because it focuses on a pressing challenge that all serious business owners face. This is not a general CEO Roundtable that many CEOs report is a waste of time for them.
  • Click here to see the agenda for all 13 sessions and judge for yourself.

You receive everything you need to lead engaging sessions, get the support you need, and get results.

Your program includes a complete Starter Kit so that you can offer the Center for Executive Coaching’s Exit and Succession Planning CEO Roundtable almost immediately in your marketplace. The program is incredibly simple to learn. Everything is laid out for you. Even if you don’t know about exit and succession planning, you can easily facilitate CEO Roundtables with the training and support included in this program:

  • 181-page Facilitator’s Manual, timed and scripted, in hard copy and PDF format. This manual includes scripts, times, agendas, forms, and instructions to be a successful facilitator. You receive a hard copy (soft cover, perfect bound) and a PDF for convenience. Everything is scripted, timed, and laid out for you to learn, and facilitate, almost immediately.
  • Eight Hard-copy Participant Manuals (141 pages), enough to make a strong start. Your program includes eight hard-copy Participant Manuals. This is enough to get your first group going. Participant manuals are workbook-style manuals that lead your clients through everything they need to create a strong organization and be able to successfully exit or transition out of the business.
  • Personalized PDFs for participants, so you can print and select what to show them each session. You can also personalize PDF versions of the Manual with each participant’s name.
  • For a limited time, you only pay one annual fee and get unlimited use of the program. You pay only $20 plus shipping per manual. After one year, pay just $500 per year if you wish to renew. It's that simple. Your gross margin is almost 100% with this model and there is no obligation to continue past your first year.
  • Five marketing flyers for you to use or adapt. We provide sample marketing flyers that you can use or adapt. This is in addition to ongoing marketing guidance and support.
  • You can co-brand the program with your logo. You are authorized to brand all marketing materials with your logo, while presenting yourself as an authorized Facilitator of the program. For a small design fee ($125), you can also add your logo to the Participant Manuals.
  • Use our logo on your website and other marketing materials. You can also use our logo in the context of being a Facilitator of the program, for added credibility. We are one of the leading executive and leadership coaching programs in the world!
  • Live webinar-based training. We train you via live weekly webinars. Each webinar covers a different module of the program, along with how to get started and attract clients.
  • All trainings recorded and placed in an exclusive member area for you. You can also access the trainings via your exclusive member area. We post the training there for anytime, 24/7 viewing from your home or office. The member area also includes other resources to help you succeed.
  • CERTIFICATION as an Approved Exit and Succession Planning Facilitator. Once you complete the training, we will send you our Certificate testifying that you are Certified as a Center for Executive Coaching Exit and Succession Planning Facilitator. You receive an 8.5 X 11" Certificate suitable for framing, along with a digital logo you can use on your online marketing. This designation will set you and your practice apart and give you added credibility in the marketplace.
  • Ongoing support. You receive ongoing support – whether about program logistics and delivery or business development – directly from Andrew Neitlich, who developed the program.
  • Networking with other Facilitators. You also gain access to a private LinkedIn Group for Facilitators to network, share best practices, and provide support.
  • PLUS: A 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee so that you can preview the content. This lets you confirm that everything we are saying on this website is accurate and works for your practice.

Your Return on Investment has great potential, especially with our introductory pricing. But you have to sign up now…

The initiation fee is $2,500. This includes initial support and training. Each participant, including manual, is $495, with a minimum of 10 participants for the initial order and a minimum order of five manuals after that.




We want to prove to you that you can make the Center for Executive Coaching Exit and Succession Planning CEO Roundtable work for you and so we have created a Starter Kit that gets your first program going at a great profit margin to you.

Now you get everything you need to run your first training, including the Facilitator's Manual, 8 Participant Manuals, complete training, marketing flyers, use of PDF versions of the Participant Manual, and support at a remarkable price. You can even pay in convenient installments. AND YOU DON'T PAY ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE NOMINAL COST OF $20 PER ADDITIONAL PARTICIPANT THEREAFTER DURING YOUR FIRST YEAR. If you want to renew after one year, you pay just $500 per year with no obligation to continue (and we don't charge you automatically; we ask you whether you want to continue before charging you anything).


In public programs, we have seen facilitators charge $3500 up to $13,000 per participant – depending on the format. We won't make earnings claims, and leave you to do the math to figure out your income potential. At the same time, note that other programs would take as much as 50% of the price charged to participants — in a massive contrast, we only charge a one-time annual fee and a nominal fee for the Participant's Manual. As you can see, this investment gives a clear ROI to any professionals seeking a turnkey program.

In fact, you earn almost a four-fold return on your investment after you sell to only one participant!

The only catch is that we are limiting the number of participants and plan on ending this introductory pricing soon.

To take advantage of this offer, click below to review the terms and conditions and then sign up. Be sure to see the 30-day money back guarantee below, too!

The bottom line: If you want to work with successful business owners, solve a pressing challenge that every business owner faces, and create a new income stream, the Center for Executive Coaching’s Exit and Succession Planning CEO Roundtable gives you a great, turnkey opportunity.

How to sign up and get started

It is simple to get started. Simply click the button below. You will be taken to the terms and conditions of the program and then, once you acknowledge and agree to them, you can choose whether to pay up front or in convenient monthly installments.

The only catch is that our introductory Starter Kit pricing will only be available for a short time. Act now.

Questions? Email us anytime at info@centerforexecutivecoaching.com. Don’t forget our 30-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee:


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