All of our coach training programs are designed with one goal:
You become a top-tier coach who delivers significant, practical value and results to your clients

Click any of the sections below to learn more details about our program….

You have multiple ways to learn. You get to choose:

  • Reading
    • You receive our proprietary 445-page manual for coaching leaders, executives, managers, business owners, and professionals in career transition. This manual contains everything you need to know about setting up and delivering coaching engagements for a variety of challenges that your clients face.
    • You receive a set of toolkits and our acclaimed guidebook to attract clients, whether as an internal or external coach.
    • You also receive access to 27 coaching methodologies that you can use with clients.
  • Watching
    • Watch over 35 hours of videos walking you through our methodologies and demonstrating coaching.
    • We also have live webinars monthly that take you through a toolkit and introduce new coaching concepts.
  • Listening
    • Your member area contains an entire call cycle of 84 recorded classes that you can download and listen to at your pace, along with a Quick Start Guide to get you going
  • Online
    • Your program includes an extensive online member area with videos, audios, toolkits, coaching methodologies, and sample marketing materials (including template contracts and coaching plans).
  • Participating
    • Join our 3 live weekly one-hour webinars. Each is different and each stands on its own, so that if you have to miss one you can just jump onto the next. Also, each is recorded so that if you miss anything you can access it and download it in your member area. Our webinar platform allows you to join via any device or to call in using VOIP or phone.
    • We match you up with other members/coaches to practice coaching and accumulate coaching experience. If you seek an ICF designation, this counts as paid coaching hours, accelerating your time to completing! Sometimes we also match you up with executives and managers looking for coaches on a pro bono or paid basis.
    • Coaching conversation review and mentoring. As part of this program you submit recordings of you coaching a client, whether a colleague, member of our program, or current client. We review these conversations with you to help you find ways to keep getting better.
    • Founder and Director Andrew Neitlich is available anytime for support by phone. Our students rave about his accessibility and responsiveness, and this continues forever.
  • Seminar option.
    • If you choose to attend our acclaimed seminar (for a small additional cost), you get 3 and 1/2 days of ongoing intensive training and practice. The seminar option also includes ongoing support via our Distance Learning Program, including the features described above.

Unlike other programs that require a lengthy admissions process and make you wait to get started, we do not. That’s because the professionals who join our program already have a track record of achievement and plenty of credentials. We don’t need to make you jump through more hoops — even if marketing research shows that this will make our program seem more desirable to you. All we ask is that you send us a quick bio and have a discussion with Founder and Director Andrew Neitlich to confirm mutual fit. That’s all — contact us at to schedule a quick conversation or with any questions or call 941-539-9623 after you have reviewed our program options and pricing. Then you can register on our website and get started right away with our online and distance learning program. We have set up our program to work in a modular fashion so that busy professionals can learn at their pace, according to their schedule and time limitations.

The emphasis of our Certified Executive Coach training and credentialing program is simple: Get great clients, get great results, and build a successful practice.

Comparison with other Coach Training Programs

CriteriaCenter for
Other Programs
Watch out for programs that are only ACSTH providers
Offers Board Certified Coach certification with all optionsYes?
Distance learning and/or seminarYes?
Start anytime via open enrollment and our convenient orientation processYes?
Focus on coaching executives, managers, up-and- coming talent, and business owners in a wide variety of organizationsYesAvoid programs that are generic or focused on life coaching!
27 in-depth, practical coaching methodologies that get results with demanding clientsYesAvoid imitators.
Robust approach that builds credibility in a market with high expectations of coachesYesAvoid the cheap, lightweight programs
Hundreds of hours of audios and videos for self-studyYes?
Live webinars taught directly by the founder and directorYesWatch for programs where your trainers don’t have an in-demand coaching practice
Personalized support directly from the founder, who also has an active coaching practiceYes?
Cohort of highly seasoned, accomplished, and intelligent professionals from around the worldYes?
In-depth guidance, coaching, and processes to build a successful coaching practiceYesNo other program offers our level of content and support. Guaranteed.
We have trained people from top companiesYes?
Uses actual cases, contracts, assessments, and coaching reviews from real clients to teach – not just never-ending coaching of other coaches about their current problemsYes?
You are always a member and always receive mentoring, guidance, and support at no additional chargeYes?

Following are the ways that we help you succeed, as well as why we stand out:

  • Proven coaching methodologies, processes, and tools. One of main reasons an executive hires a coach is because the coach has a proven, proprietary methodology that gets results and addresses their most pressing issues. Unfortunately, most coaches don’t have a proprietary methodology, or even know what one is. They just ask open ended questions in the hopes that the client has some sort of sudden insight. At the Center for Executive Coaching, we give you a the methods, processes, and tools for an efficient path to results with clients. We also show you how to create your own coaching methodologies, so that you continue to stand apart with your own branding.
  • A no-fluff focus on results to delight clients and have them keep inviting you back. If you aren’t getting specific, ambitious results with clients, you aren’t going to last long in this business. Our program has no fluff. We give you ways to assess your client and the situation, understand gaps between where the client is and wants to go, and develop a clear path to getting results — results worth five to ten times your fees. At the same time, we practice what we call “nowhere to hide coaching,” so that your clients are willing to look in the mirror and face the real issues.
  • All of the coach training, mentoring, and support you need to feel confident and be a great coach. There are many ways in the program to practice coaching, have us review your coaching, and be mentored. On our live classes (via webinar platform for anywhere access), we practice coaching and give you constructive feedback as a regular part of our curriculum. We match you up with other coaches in the program, too, so that you can practice as much as you want (and even receive ICF experience hours in the process). You also submit recordings of your coaching a client, colleague, or fellow coach in the program to us for review together, to help you get better. If you join the ICF program, you receive 10 hours of intensive mentoring. If that’s not enough, we will set up as much 1-1 time with you to practice coaching until you feel comfortable. We are committed to your success and we are a small program, so we can take the time and effort to do what it takes!
  • Not a life coaching or “coach light” program. Watch out for programs in the market that come from a life coaching bias, emphasize what seem to be fads or trends, are overly theoretical or academic, or that don’t have the kind of substance that will appeal to demanding executives, managers, and HR decision makers. Even though those types of training programs were among the first in the market and are the largest, clients are quick to shun coaches with that kind of training. Not every coach training program prepares you to succeed as an executive & leadership coach. There are many programs out there that we call “coach light” or that come from a life coaching background. Assuming you can get yourself hired at all, the content that you learn in many of these programs will get you fired immediately — especially by a busy, already-successful, and skeptical executive. That’s why every day we hear from coaches who went to other training programs – including some of the largest in the market — and then come to us saying, “My coach training program didn’t prepare me with the right content or support to succeed as an executive coach.”
  • Content with both depth and impact. Our content is rich and deep. It focuses on the key issues that executives face. We know what executives expect, and we know that other programs fall short.
  • When you join The Center for Executive Coaching you receive practical solutions to help your clients:
    • overcome feelings of overwhelm and juggling multiple priorities;
    • communicate powerfully;
    • develop leadership presence;
    • overcome beliefs that might be limiting their success;
    • advance their careers;
    • set strategic direction and implement strategic priorities effectively;
    • engage and mobilize employees;
    • build a powerbase of strong business relationships;
    • make things happen in complex, politically-charged organizations;
    • manage up successfully;
    • collaborate effectively;
    • influence others with impact;
    • think comprehensively about complex issues to achieve clarity and make sound decisions;
    • develop a high-performing culture;
    • lead high-performing teams; and
    • lead change effectively.
  • A comprehensive approach. Some coaching programs focus only behaviors, while others only deal with one’s internal state and way of being. The Center for Executive Coaching takes a comprehensive view of the client and of human performance. We start with perceptions, behaviors, and overall ways of being. Then we focus on the client’s relationships, key decisions, strategic issues, organizational culture, and even any distractions outside of work that might have an impact on their performance. Even with this comprehensive approach, we still insist that our coaches learn how to coach efficiently. For this reason, we show you how to create a high-impact coaching plan based on each client’s unique situation and goals.
  • The practical “how” of coaching. In other programs, graduates are left hanging when it comes time to get into the real world. In contrast, we show you the how: how to set up engagements; how to lead productive sessions; how to handle challenging clients; how to write a contract/proposal; how to assess; how to develop a coaching plan; and how to measure and track results.
  • A practical process for results and client satisfaction. If you academic theory, join a ridiculously- priced program at a local college or university. Then come back to us to fill in the gaps. Our process is grounded in best practices and proven theory. However, unlike other programs, we show you how to get measurable results with demanding executive-level clients and the people who decide to bring coaches into their organizations.
  • Help to become an established expert and thought leader. To succeed as a coach, you should think of yourself as more than a coach. You are a thought leader, an expert, and a trusted advisor. Once you have this perspective, huge opportunities become available to you. You can write books, speak, develop seminars, and become a sought-after expert in the market (yes, we have modules on these topics along with examples to guide you). You can also offer multiple services to your clients, depending on your interests and talents, and including consulting, training, and facilitation. Of course, you can focus on offering one-on-one coaching, but with this new perspective, you can become the go-to professional and open up all sorts of new possibilities. There is an art to making this happen, along with a few key skills and strategies. We show you how.
  • An acclaimed toolkit of solutions for you to use immediately with your clients. This is not a fuzzy or theoretical program. You get practical, hard-hitting tools to use with your clients, including dozens and dozens of interactive toolkits, processes, and methodologies loaded with insights and powerful questions for clients to consider. You can even adapt and re-brand these tools with your name and firm, so long as you give us a footnote. This benefit saves you the trouble of having to reinvent the wheel and lets you get started immediately as an executive coach.
  • Flexible for your busy schedule. Our members are often busy professionals, and some are working full time while preparing to make a change. Others are completely available to dedicate their full attention to the program. That’s why we set our program up so that you can learn in the way that works best for you. It starts with an orientation call to discuss your goals and develop the best approach for you, along with a Quick Start Guide and your syllabus. Then you choose from a variety of ways to learn the materials, depending on your schedule and preferences. Listen to weekly live webinars. Log into our member database to listen to all of our past classes. Practice coaching with other members, or with your colleagues; if you record these sessions, we are delighted to review them for you. Set up coaching conversations with the Director and Founder. In addition, you get printed manuals that contain all of the tools and methodologies. Finally, we offer live seminars for those who want an intensive, rapid path to Certification.

  • Approved by the right organizations. We are approved by the International Coach Federation as an ACTP, and also approved to provide 60 hours of training for the Board Certified Coach (BCC) certification to those with Masters Degrees.
    Click here to see the program description in ICF required format.
    Click here to see the program description for the BCC.

  • We go way beyond teaching just the core competencies. Core competencies are crucial to learn, and yet they are not enough to succeed as a coach. Unfortunately, that is where other coach training programs start and stop. Not here. We understand the psychology of different kinds of coaching clients, and train you to deliver solutions that get results.
  • Phenomenal business development system to attract clients, build your practice, and develop your own valuable brand. Yes, major organizations send their professionals to us for training as a coach. At the same time, for the solo coaching professional or firm owner, you won’t find a better place to get the support you need to attract clients and build your practice. You get three marketing manuals, and valuable guidance about the best way to set your practice apart, get clients, and build a firm. We are also delighted to review your marketing plans and messages; members rave about our ability to make their marketing strategies and materials much more effective. The program is priced so that a single client pays back your investment immediately.
  • Highly personal support throughout. This is a small, exclusive program. Classes are taught directly by me, the Founder and Director of the program. You can email me any time to set up a meeting to talk about your marketing, client situations, or practice coaching conversations. I pledge to get back to your requests within one business day, and members report that my personal commitment to their success is one of the most remarkable parts of this program. We also match you up with other members on request, so that you can form alliances and get support from them, too.
  • Unlike the directors in many other programs, I not only lead a coach training program, but I also have a full, successful coaching practice. This means that I bring real case studies and challenges to you during classes, and keep updating the program with new examples and situations.
  • Ongoing upgrades. We constantly add new content as part of your program. For instance, based on a recent assignment with a billion dollar organization, we added a PowerPoint training about engaging and mobilizing employees, and another PowerPoint about leading up and influencing throughout an organization. Both of these presentations included live webinars (now recorded and in your member area). You are welcome to use these and adapt them with your clients – giving you instant experience and solutions to offer in addition to the coaching toolkits already described.

This has added great insight into how to add value to client needs, exploring ways of converting challenges to opportunities and ideas into reality. Your ability to bring concepts into reality adds great value to each participant so they can utilize the information in their coaching business.

Catherine Rocheleau, Ignite Solutions Consulting

You get right to the point with strategies and structure for executive coaching. Thank you from moving me from being a generalist to being a specialist.

Jim Reilly, Executive Coach, Keys to the Business

You helped clarify the direction for me to move forward. Excellent overall

Wolf Weber, Contigro Performance Solutions Ltd

If you seek a coach training program that shows you how to work with leaders, executives, managers, business owners, up-and-coming-talent, and/or other professionals — and phrases like ‘client satisfaction” “results,” “proven,” “practical,” “real-world,” and “personalized support” are important to you — you are in the right place.

The CEC program — which has been approved as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and for 60 hours for the Board Certified Coach (BCC) certification not only provides you with comprehensive executive coach training; you’ll also be taken through a step-by-step process to establish your executive & leadership coaching practice.

If you want to start an external coaching practice, your program includes a detailed business development curriculum, tailored to attract your favored clients using proven successful strategies. This program includes one-on-one review of your marketing plan and support to identify the best niche for you and attract clients.

If you are an internal coach or wish to be one, the program shows you how to build credibility in your organization so that executives and managers seek you out for your coaching skills. We also help set up internal coaching organizations and train leaders and managers to add coaching skills to better engage, mobilize, and develop teams and individuals.

I can’t speak for other executive coaching programs and I won’t make earnings claims for you but I do know that some of our members are accustomed to earning in the mid-six figures and up, and at least one coach now earns $1.4 million while working to build a $5 – $7 million firm. In addition to coaching, some of our members also have published books, get paid to speak, and recognized as leaders in their respective markets. Equally important, once they graduate from the CEC, our members feel confident, comfortable, and competent as coaches — whether working to build credibility and attract clients, or working with clients on their most challenging leadership issues. In fact, many of our members get paid coaching engagements well before they graduate with us – all because of our practical methods and toolkits that you can put to work immediately for you.

Meanwhile, internal coaches become trusted advisers at all levels of their organizations.

Our program is small and selective, with no more than 30 active members in the program at any one time. About 70 percent of our members come from referrals. The small size of the program allows you to focus on YOUR specific goals, and get the support you need to succeed.

Members come from a variety of backgrounds, including: successful executives and managers who want a new career path; professionals who want to add coaching to their service offerings (i.e., management consultants, HR consultants, accountants, and attorneys); psychiatrists and psychologists; coaches who want to take their practice to a new level; HR executives; high-level training and development professionals; pastors and church leaders; non-profit executives; baby boomers looking for a new career; seasoned retirees looking to get back into the workforce; retired government personnel who served in leadership positions; elite athletes who want to bring their knowledge about top performance to organizations; speakers; authors; and entrepreneurs.

We have trained people from such organizations as: AT&T, Procter & Gamble, Bank of America, Brown University, Aflac, Dropbox, Xerox, Cisco, Charles Schwab & Co., Deloitte, Google, Microsoft, General Electric, Valassis, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Booz Allen, McKinsey Consulting, Deloitte, Lexis Nexis, Caterpillar, Inland Steel, the National Basketball Association, United Nations, Philips, Macy’s, Stryker, Laser Spine Institute, Duke Energy (Nuclear Division), General Atomics, Ralph Lauren, Partners Healthcare, Kaiser-Permanente, International Red Cross, Ascension Health, Capital One, Mercury Insurance, The US Marines, and the Department of Defense. We have created private-label executive coaching programs for international organizations, including one of the world’s largest coach franchises. We have also trained professional athletes, a 3-time Olympic medalist, and some elite athletic coaches who all want to get into corporate and leadership coaching.

We train both independent coaches and internal coaches.

The common denominator of the people who join our program is that they are already successful, dynamic people who are smart, have a passion to help people achieve extraordinary results, and are committed to ongoing learning and development.

If you have the above attributes, want to make a difference, and feel truly passionate about helping other people get even better, then executive coaching might be a perfect fit for you.

10 out of 10! You have accelerated my creative juices. I see many new possibilities for my coaching and consultancy practice. The energy level is very high, which really helps learning and creativity, and time has flown by!

Iain Pullinger, CEO, the PPM Doctor Limited

I am now convinced I can be a ‘go-to’ coach.

Professor Nathaniel Oghagbon, CEO, Nth Concept Coaching

The course provided inspiration and practical know-how to be the best one can be in the competitive field of executive coaching.

Russell Haack, MABC, The North Star Coach

The Center for Executive Coaching was started and is directed by Andrew Neitlich. Andrew has been coaching clients for almost two decades, and have a busy practice focused primarily on professional service firms, university administrators, executives in large regional and national non-profits, entrepreneurs and their teams in emerging growth companies, and healthcare executives. He started out as a management consultant after graduating from Harvard Business School in 1991. After he had success leading a number of multi-million dollar projects, his clients started requesting coaching as an alternative to the highly invasive consulting process. When he shifted to a coaching model, he had more impact with clients in less time, and had more fun. It didn’t take long for his former consulting colleagues to ask him to train them, and their associates, to get into executive coaching. Once they started referring him to their colleagues, he formalized the Center for Executive Coaching in 2002.

Since then, we have been accredited as an ACTP by the International Coach Federation, approved for 60 hours towards the Board Certified Coach (BCC) certification, and approved for continuing education with the Human Resources Certification Institute. Professionals from 32 countries around the world have joined the program. We have been hired by the world’s largest business coach franchise to develop their executive coach training content and curriculum. Companies and associations worldwide hire us to train their employees and members to learn how to coach executives and managers.

Meanwhile, Andrew was fortunate to team up with Guerrilla Marketing Founder and Father Jay Conrad Levinson to write a series of books with him, including: Guerrilla Marketing for a Bulletproof Career and Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches. This is in addition to the proprietary textbooks for The Center for Executive Coaching, including The Way to Coach Executives, Leaders, and Managers.

Before you join this program, we invite you to call Founder and Director Andrew Neitlich directly on his cell at 941- 539-9623 so that we can confirm that there is a fit. We don’t know any other program that gives you the Director’s personal cell phone, and Andrew does this because the program really is different. All we ask is that you first read this entire page and make sure that you think there is a fit with your goals and budget, and that you are excited about joining the program. If you have more general questions, email us at

You have a depth and breadth of experience that you bring to your presentations. You use anecdotes that illustrate the material, and this is very effective. – Ronald N. Cooke

You have a wealth of practical knowledge and skills in executive coaching. The program is valuable for its networking, and your innovative, encouraging, professional input and facilitation. – Pam Usher, MBA, B.Ed, AICD

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